Streamvibe Architecture

The most reliable cloud technology on the market

Hybrid cloud architecture, allows improving ROI for the delivery costs, while keeping constantly high quality of the streamed content. Our unique provisioning and recommendation solutions automatically analyse your content demand and recommend or apply suggested infrastructure changes to optimize cost effective delivery and high quality video stream.

Powered by some of the fastest, most reliable cloud technology on the market, you can manage and control digital content for live events, video-on-demand, and linear programming — from ingest to delivery — all from one unified platform.

Streamvibe Architecture
StreamVibe Management

Management Services

High level of efficiency and relatively low level of administration

It consists of four subservices and manages the monitoring, scheduling and provisioning of operations as well as the content management.
It implements some features of "autonomic computing" like:

Self-healing - where the infrastructure itself detects faults in the operations and automatically isolates them. In consequence the faults have very limited impact.

Self-configuration & Self-optimization - During the operations the infrastructure manages its state and configuration the way that the delivery is as optimal as possible.

Self-protection - The built-in predictive algorithms evaluate the near future evolution of the load and act the way to minimize risks of infrastructure overload.

Streamvibe System

A cloud full of possibilites, flexibility and performance

Designed for flexibility and performance, StreamVibe Media Cloud is a fully customizable, end-to-end digital broadcasting solution that offers a scalable and secure platform to ensure delivery of the highest quality video and playback experience across mobile, desktop and digital television.

Monitor - Responsible for collection and evaluation of the immediate status of the whole infrastructure. It is the basic for all management (autonomic) decisions.

Provisioner - Component responsible for any re-provisioning decisions, either related to load or the failure recovery. It increases, decreases the size of the relay pool and/or takes steps to move traffic from "problematic" or faulty site.
It also implements interfaces to cloud systems allowing transparent operations over cloud infrastructures.

Content Manager - Component responsible for optimized distribution of the content. It builds the content distribution hierarchies to minimize the access latencies.

Scheduler - Geographically optimized scheduler algorithms allowing to distribute the content from "closest" site, while keeping the optimal load level on the whole infrastructure.

Relay Service - High performance optimized module. It takes care of the content delivery to the end clients. Relay structure builds a multi-tier structure allowing highly optimized global delivery.

Transcoding Service - Service allowing transparently transcode the content into desired quality profiles.

Streamvibe System

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