Live TV

Stream live from any source to any device worldwide
  • Managed Live Linear Channels

    • From acquisition to analytics
    • Multiscreen TV deployment
    • Acquire live linear sources (IPTV, DVB-T, DVB-S etc.)
    • Configure, manage and monitor your channels
  • Live Video Workflow Design

    • Service for designing an end to end live video workflow
    • Addressing multi bitrate
    • Multi device encoding and packaging
    • Ad replacement and delivery strategies
  • Live Channel Media Processing

    • Create channels quickly using the SaaS platform
    • Encoding presets to deliver channels in HLS, HDS, RTMP and Smooth to reach the broadest footprint of devices
Why StreamVibe?
Flexible Publishing Controls

Real Time Broadcasting

Broadcast professional live events or broadcast to your friends like a pro!
  • Professional Streaming

    • Stream live events acquired from professional equipment to unlimited amount of audience anywhere in the world
    • Host conferences and live webinars
    • Services for end to end management of multiscreen live events
  • Social Streaming

    • Stream to your friend, audience and social follower anywhere
    • From any Device: iOS, Android, GoPro, Google Glass, PC & MAC
  • Multiscreen media processing

    • Auto processing the video for delivery to multiple devices
    • User control to make sure only authorized audience can access the stream

Video on Demand

Secure video hosting, distribution and monetization platform
  • Video Portal

    • Upload, Store & Archive your videos
    • Secure content delivery for authorized audience only
    • White labeled solution for enterprises
  • Content Management System

    • Manage enterprise training materials, recorded webinars etc.
    • Schedule events and content availability
    • Upload once and auto optimize to multiple devices
    • Multi cloud for improved performance and optimized ROI
    • Metadata management and free text search
  • Monetization

    • Pay Per View solution for easy content monetization
    • Dynamic ad injection for content monetization
    • PayPal payment integration
    • Subscription models
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